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Put away from you a perverse mouth, and perverse lips put far from you. – Proverbs 4:24 (KJV)

Do you know that some people actually think it is OK to call themselves a Christian and yet allow dirty words out of their mouth? It is true that there are people like this; a lot of them.

It is not OK.

“God cares about my heart,” they say, “not the words that come out of my mouth.” Silly people; what comes out of the mouth originates in the heart. If your language is dirty, you'd better check your heart.

“Well, I use substitute words. I don't really curse. God is certainly pleased with that.” Sure, God is certainly pleased that you are at least making an effort. But how does your substitute curse word effect others? Have you ever thought about that?

And is substituting a pornographic magazine pleasing in God's eyes more than actually committing sex outside marriage? No! The eyes are the portal to the soul. Lust of the eyes is just as evil as lust of the flesh.

When you use substitute curse words in the place of real ones, it is spiritually just the same as looking at a porn magazine instead of having sex outside marriage. The substitute is just as despicable as the real thing.

God hasn't saved you half way. He hasn't asked you to do something that He will not empower you to do. Jesus commands, “Be holy as I am holy.” He means it.

Quit using ugly words out of your mouth. It makes you ugly. Ask God to send the Holy Spirit into your heart to tame your tongue today.

Jesus is not looking for friends with dirty, cursing mouths. He is looking for friends who will serve Him in holiness. Do you really love God? Will you be a friend of Jesus? Or will you go on making excuses for your desire to please your flesh and be vile?

The choice is yours.

What are you going to do?